The Beep Stops Here Bobby Valentino!

The other night I was catching up on my VH1 Soul, seeing new music videos that I haven’t seen online. While watching, Bobby Valentino, or Bobby V as he apparently wants to be known as, had a video come on, titled “Beep.” This song and video are just all types of wrong. Well, not the whole video, just parts where I can see that Bobby V has this weird tail like thing on the back of his head, reminiscent of the ’90s. I mean seriously-a tail? I was watching in anticipation to catch it, to see what it was, because I saw it initially on a silhouette. I was like what is that! So I kept waiting anxiously for his head to turn, and when it finally did happen I saw this little tail afro type thing. What in the world! In addition to that the song is whack. I am not feeling it. Listen and judge for yourself!

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