Where did Thanksgiving go?

Its November, right? Last time I checked after Halloween there was Thanksgiving and then came Christmas. So unless there was some mass destruction of Thanksgiving (which for some is only a celebration of a mass genocide of people who only welcomed the pilgrims) that I don’t know about I’d appreciate if we could get back to the holiday about giving thanks.

I mean, this year I actually have some things that I would like to be thankful for. And here comes the economy and the market shoving my holiday under a rug! I should not be subjected to radio airways pumping Christmas carols just yet, as it is I only have a small tolerance for the jingles anyway, so by starting them earlier the radio stations are just shortening my tolerance time. I know we are in a “recession” that could lead to a “depression” but this isn’t a way to bolster sales when its proven that people rely heavily on credit during the holidays and credit is on the run from the masses. That can lead to an increase in already high holiday suicide rates. This is not a good thing no matter how you spin in. Please reincarnate Thanksgiving, for us poor, sad, Christmas haters. Ok, maybe I don’t hate Christmas itself, I love to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but I do hate the consumerist holiday that it has become. Is it because Thanksgiving is a secular holiday that it is easily cast aside?

By the way, does anyone know the name of the “basket” shown above that holds the food and grains? I know what it is, but many don’t.  If I had a cute prize I’d give it out to to the first person who guesses correctly, but I don’t.  I only have my word… LOL

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