Fingerless Gloves…

I’m a busy blogger today! I have the emptiness of work to thank for that! Thanks Work! Anyway, I am on a quest for a pair of fingerless gloves. I don’t know what it is about them that makes me like them. I think its because they make me feel edgy. Either way, I really want a pair like those pictured above, with individual loops for fingers. However, I haven’t found them anywhere I’ve looked. But to be fair I’ve really only looked at Target, so I guess that nulls my point. Either way I want these so bad. But what I did find at Target was a “arm-warmer” which I’m thoroughly enjoying except for the print. They have a black background and multi colored heats and stars. They kind of look like the ones pictured below, but not as mature. They also don’t come up as high. I feel like and edgy 13 year old, but my hands are warm. I really hope that these fingerless gloves find their way into my Christmas stocking. You hear that ‘Santa’????? When I Googled fingerless gloves I came across this site, Coquette, that had a whole blog dedicated to them, which is where I got these images. Take a look at what they’ve posted. Damn, I really want some of these!! I really want some like the first one, but I’m not paying $ 55 dollars.. but someone else could.. I would like a color to match my scarf too.. OK, let me stop being picky..if someone gets me them I will love them no matter what color!

Coquette Blog

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