MTV HoodFAB… WTF is this???

Late last night, somewhere around 1 am I was going between VH1 Soul and BETJ listening to music. I usually stick to Vsoul but I had already seen this episode of the show they were airing-Soulfrodisiac, so I was flipping. And after some video went off for some whack song there was a video short for some show called HoodFAB. So, I’m watching the premise and basically some guy tests your hip-hop trivia against a hip-hop artist and if you do well, you are “hoodFAB.” It boasts itself as being America’s”brokest” game show, giving out prizes like a pack of tube socks to the winner. It’s hosted by some guy named Buttahman who should really be named buttahface. He is kinda gross looking… OK, maybe not gross but he isn’t that pleasant to look at. And serious, you are on MTV, how broke is your show?

WTF is this kind of blasphemy. First of all, why are people glorifying the use of being considered hood? I thought people didn’t want to be hood? What is this new epidemic where being hood is glorified. It’s one thing to want to be ‘tough’ but another to want to portray a lifestyle that people try get out of. And personally, I’m offended at MTV’s use of this. They even have another show called “Dances from the ‘Hood.” WTF! Hood doesn’t have a positive connotation. Are you telling me there were NO other names you could come up with for a show about hip-hop dancing? This is the description for this MTV short ” This aintcha mama’s aerobics tape. Tweetie and friends walk you through the hottest new hood shuffles.” WTF!! AINTCHA???????? Really? Yeah, do you show that after Trailer Trash Topics? Or in between Cracka Countdown?

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  • Caligula

    that’s how it is, sweety, Niggas will be personified as those on MTV…………it’s the rage these days. we need to start coming up with more “coon” shows so they won’t beat us to it, 😀

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