Papa ain’t no joke! Will kill for remote!

While we are on the topic of TV, this is something DVR could have prevented! OK, I’m joking with that because this is slightly sad 🙁

A 72-year-old New Jersey (not the man in photo) man stabbed his friend 28 times after she took the remote.  Now, when I first heard this story, I was at my desk at work and my co-worker said that aloud.  My initial response was, “what the hell, how can you not out maneuver a 72 year old, how old do you have to be.” Then she proceeded to tell me that the lady was 63.  So she was pretty old herself.  But let me say, my grandmother is 66 and she could dodge someone trying to stab her. She does not play that! I bet this was a blossoming romance that ended over a debate between People’s court or Judge Judy.  I feel sad for victims family, and even for the old man, he’s 73 and going to face jail time-at least 15 years for aggravated man-slaughter.  Damn, maybe he should be on People’s  Court pleading for a suspended sentence to an old people’s home.  I mean, he might have a mental illness, he said that he doesn’t remember stabbing her but that he knew he attacked her.  He could easily have dementia.  Damn, he probably forgot he was at her house, watching her TV and snapped.  You aren’t even safe at home anymore.


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