Things we won’t see in 2009!

I never check my AOL mail, and when I do I get more fascinated with their news pieces than my actual email. AOL usually has the best lists, the top 25 things we never use, or the bottom lotions and why not!!! Those are all things I enjoy. So today I’m finally checking my email (lists) and they had their annual list of things we won’t see next year. So, I am highlighting a few things from that list.

What you won’t see in ’09!

1. Traditional Polaroid Film: I didn’t know they still made this. I remember in high school I had this talking Polaroid, well my grandmother really had it, but I used to buy film and use it. Polaroid film was not cheap, but damn those cameras were huge.

2. Zima: I heard about the discontinuation of Zima a few months ago, but wow, Yeah, no Zima for you drunks out there. They really want you to drink their new Sparks Malt beverage instead. I had that crap.. it isn’t that great. What is with all the lemony-limey flavors?And, isn’t it a proven fact that its lethal to mix energy drinks and liquor (red bull & vodka)??? HHmmmm…

3. the Kinkos name: aawww, no longer will I be able to say, “Well, there’s a Kinkos down the road. I have to say, “Yeah, go use FedEx Office.” WTF boooo!!!

4. Taco Bell Volcano Taco: I actually never had this because I don’t eat beef, and sometimes when TB gets new items they don’t offer to sub chicken. However, I did think this was just a promotional item only, like the Fajita Grilled Stuft Burrito. Damn, now I want some TB, but I’m going to be a good girl.

5. Smokey Chipotle Crispy Fried Chicken @ KFC: WTF is that? I never even saw this. Was this for release only in CA or the south our something? I never even saw a commercial for this. How do you get smokey chipotle flavor to shine through the crunchy goodness of the Colonel’s Extra Crispy?

6. Lehman’s Brothers & Bear Sterns: Nothing much really needs to be said about this… except well.. no, nothing its all already been said. Blame it on the mortgages..

7. Shea Stadium: They have closed to build a new location. What will the baseball world be without Shea Stadium? I drove past it once…. it’s big.

8. AFL (Arena Football League): People watch this? Supposedly it has a die hard fan base, which caused their expenses and debts to rise. IDK, but doesn’t increased fans usually mean increased profit?

9. 25 Banks: All total this year 25 banks failed, the biggest being Washington Mutual and INDYMac.. Once again, the blame the “mortgage crisis” vs. the greedy execs. Bah Humbug!!

10. Linen’s & Things: I don’t know if many outside of Jersey are into this store, hell I barely shop there, but it does make me sad that it won’t be there for my linen needs. I am hoping to try and catch some of their “going out of business” sales for my impending move.

Those are my TOP 10.. Honorable mention in my book include

-Sharper Images stores

-Steve & Barry’s

-Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper (any missing flavor of the Doc’ isn’t good!)

-DHL in the US

-Bill Blass

Go over to AOL for the actual list because I can’t find the actual link anymore. They replaced it with ” Best Buys Right Now” See, isn’t AOL still good for something!!

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