Update: Children with Nazi names removed from home!

So, back before Christmas I blogged about the Campbell family from New Jersey who had beef with ShopRite over a birthday cake.   A brief recap is that these idiots named their children after the Nazi Regime. They have a son named Adolf Hitler Campbell, 2 daughters named JoyceLynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler Campbell. Well today, I was directed to a Yahoo article that said that these children have been removed from the home-a home decorated with Swastikas and other Nazi paraphernalia.  I couldn’t have been happier.  These people are fucking nuts! And this is what happens when you bring all this unnecessary attention to yourself.  The article doesn’t state why they were removed because its against policy, but it should say because the parents were idiots! They should have let ShopRite have their stance and move on.  But NO! They thought they would garner some attention and probably eventually lead to a lawsuit.. FOOLED YOU!

For the sake of the validity of the removal of the children I hope that the Division of Child & Family Services (DYFS) has a better legal basis than the fact that they hold blatant racial beliefs and named their children cruel names.  Everyone always wonders what is really in a name.  A name is everything.  It is the first thing people see on a piece of paper when your applying for a job or college or even a loan.  I have joked that I need to go by my initials and my last name because I feel that my  name isn’t the best name out there, and we can deny it all we want-people believe in stereotypes.  The name Lashenique Thomas will get over looked no matter how qualified she is for things… so imagine the shit Adolf Hitler would have went through…


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