Who will you meet on Myspace??

I’ve mentioned BlogXilla here before because the guy who writes that is pretty dope with his content and stuff.   With my  move and everything I haven’t had time to read regularly, so I’m catching up on stuff today and read his 4 chicks you will meet on myspace. I think they were pretty general, but very on point.  It made me think of what type of chick am I? Which Myspace stereotype do I fall into.

First let’s outline the 4 he describes:

1. The One-line Chick: Definitely not me.  In fact I hate when guys like this hit me up.  why did YOU hit ME up if you don’t have nothing to say?

2. The Designer Fashion Chick: Definitely not me… Well except for the use of alliteration, I love alliteration but I try not to use it in a materialistic way.  I like to combine alliteration with personification to think of creative myspace names.. lol. And I do NOT type in caps unless I feel the need to express strong emotion! LOL

3. The Cool Chick: Now this is me (or at least what I think is me) I’m pretty cool & down to earth and I love to post my favorite songs no matter how unpopular they may be. And just because I think I’m pretty awesome…

4. The Single Mother: very broad category.  She can be cool as hell or total gold digging psycho!!

I like his general categories, but he doesn’t speak much about them inter-mixing (hahaha is that a word?? oh well I’m keeping it).  For instance its very highly possible that a #4 can be a #1.  And you can have a label obsessed seemingly cool chick.  She is just more discreet. All these types are very real, I know I get so sick of seeing “MS. She got her own” or “America’s Next Top Model”   So… biting… I I think we should have the type of guy you  meet off myspace..

Guy you will meet on myspace:

1. The man who wants to hit it.  All men consider women they  meet on myspace jump-offs.  Do not expect a relationship to develop from a man you meet off myspace, especially if several women are commenting on his page calling him “baby”, “boo”, “babe” or any other term of endearment.  These men have no scrupples.  They want you to call them after they send you a first message saying “Whats Up?” Now, there are rare instances of other situations.  But please tread carefully ladies! LOL

2 thoughts on “Who will you meet on Myspace??

  • This was a good read. I am in the category all by myself. The person who just logs on to kill time before going tot he club. Funny I haven’t been to the club in a while so I haven’t been on myspace in a minute, lolll.

    I started logging onto Myspace more an more when it turned into e harmony. I am not interested in meeting up with dudes from online.

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