My experience as a pet owner

Phoebe the sleeping cat

I recently acquired a pet. A cat named Phoebe to be exact.  Now, I don’ t really consider myself a cat person, but ever since living alone I thought getting a pet companion would be a good idea.  I toyed with the idea of a cute dog, but then I thought about the time commitment a dog would take. I didn’t think I’d have that much time or dedication to give to a dog, so I began tot tinker with the idea of getting a cat.  At first I dismissed it because well, I didn’t see myself as a cat lover and cats are known to mischievous/sneaky pets.  But then I saw my best friend get a kitten. Her kitten was so cute.  He was so cute and she named him Sookie (hello TrueBlood fans!).  I would go to her house and just play with her cat.  Even after he knocked water on me while I was sleeping, I still liked him.  So then I went on this quest to find myself a kitten, preferable for free since times are hard when you decide to live on your own 30 miles from your job.

I found out that cats don’t usually have kittens in the winter, so finding a kitten would probably be hard, especially a free kitten.  I began to look around for cats online at animal shelters and did find a few, but didn’t want to pay adoption fees.  So I went to everyone internet lovers friend (or foe if you get caught up)  I responded to an ad and decided to go meet up with the people. I had lots of fear instilled in me for fear of being scammed and therefore attacked and maimed all for trying to get a damn cat.

Fast forward 3 weeks later, and I’m adjusting to life with a cat.  Phoebe is around 8 years old and she’s such a sweet kitty. She likes a lot of attention when I first get home.  Sometimes its a pain in the neck because I need to get stuff done. I will be working on my laptop and she will stand on me, in front of the lapto until she has had enough attention to move. OR while I’m cooking dinner she constantly meows for what reason I don’t know.  But I feel an obligation to give her a good home  because the people who gave her to me seemed like they gave her a good home.  I have learned that I will now need a lint roller for all my clothing.  Indoor cats shed a lot because they have no real sense of the seasons.  I learned that she rubs up against things to leave her scent on the, not to get familiar with them like a blind person as I initially thought.   I learned that scoopable kitty litter is your friend.  I learned that cats do NOT always keep it in the litter box.  I learned litter follows them all around your house also therefore you need a broom, which I do not have.

I recently learned what declawing does to cats.  I didn’t realize its a process where they basically take off the tips of your cats fingers.  I feel bad for poor Phoebe Sceebe, but not so bad that I wish she had claws to scratch me. I also discovered cats have a rough tongue, it makes for an interesting feeling when phoebe wants to lick my hand.

I do feel a little crazy when I come home and talk to Phoebe.  Its almost like talking to yourself, but I think she likes hearing my voice or at least I hope so.  I feel a very strong bonding towards this cat I’ve only had for a few weeks.  Listening to her purr is quite relaxing and I am happy with my choice to get a cat, even if I do have a minor allergy.

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