Eat Shit: Literally!

Imagine if you went to your friends house, or a dates house, for dinner and they took you into a bleach cleaned bathroom and served you dinner on a porcelain toilet.  How would you feel? Kinda grossed out right? Apparently some Chinese people don’t feel the same way because there is a popular restaurant, Modern Toilet, making waves in China.  Here is where  you can go to enjoy dinner on a “stylish acrylic toilet” and drink out of a urinal (don’t deny it, you know you always wanted to do that!).  Menu delicacies include: diarrhea with dried droppings, bloody poop, and green dysentery-and these are just deserts!

I’m sorry, but there is no way you are going to get me in a restaurant that does this.  Not only do you want me to eat out of a toilet, you want to serve me shit themed names.  No matter how you slice and dice, shit is SHIT! I don’t want my food to look like shit.  Now, I know its not supposed to be about the look of food, but the flavors; but like this person said in the article, when you see curry dripping down the side of a toilet it doesn’t exactly  make you want to lick it up, does it? Apparently the Chinese can take this because they are more “nonchalant” about bodily functions. Damn that.  I’m nonchalant about it too, I know we all shit, eat, burp or whatever but I still don’t think it makes for great conversation or artwork over dinner.  There are just some things  you don’t do with food, like breast milk in ice cream.  I mean what’s next? Menstruation Macaroni?

Modern toilet was opened in 2004 by Wang Zi-wei in China.  He has 7 of these train wrecks in Taiwan, one in HOng Kong, and opens in Shenzhen China this week.  He plans to expand this to other areas in China. Please, keep that shit (pun intended) over there.  THis is the ideal restaurant for workers to pull  gross “guess the secret sauce” pranks…  SMDH!!


Thanks WK for this!!

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