Oprah Speaks out to the Rihanna’s of the world

Oprah. The Big O. She’s a role model to many and an inspiration to others. Oprah has so much media power that its unbelievable, but does she always use it the way she should? I have not commented, nor will I now, on the Rihanna & Chris Brown situation. But Oprah has decided to speak out for Rihanna & will dedicate a show this week to domestic violence. This is the same Oprah who had R.Kelly at the Chicago premier of The Color Purple.

This is my gripe. So many radio stations, VJays, DJ’s and others are blasting Chris Brown. They are taking down his music, ripping his endorsements, and pretty much all around bashing him. There was not this kind of lashing out with R. Kelly from the media. And in my opinion (which for some may not be anything) what Kelly did was so much worse than Chris Brown. I mean, he was caught on tape, with an underage girl, pissing on her. It then came out that he paid money to a witness, but yet the community still embraces him. After R. Kelly’s accusations he was nominated for a damn NAACP Image Award!

I don’t watch Oprah for the most part because her I’m not her shows target demographic, but I do know she isn’t kind to the “urban” hip-hop male. And its such a shame, because there are some good dudes out there, and hip hop culture is now POP culture. What message are you sending to young teenagers if you make it seem OK to frolic with rapists? Should you speak out against Domestic Violence? YES. Should you also speak out against pedophilia, HELL YES. Almost everything out there in the news regarding Chris Brown & Rihanna is speculation and her side. He has not spoken up, and even if he does it won’t change public opinion because whenever a man hits a woman he’s automatically a deviant. Should it change things, possibly. But Oprah, as a journalist and media maven, should have waited for ALL the facts before addressing Rihanna and “all the Rihannas of the world.” Chris Brown is in court less than a month after the incident, but Kelly’s trial was ongoing since 2002???? I can’t be the only person out there who sees this as a problem. I just don’t believe it

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