The Dream vs. J Holiday: Which album reigns supreme?

Ok.  I really tried to like The Dream cd.  I enjoyed his first (and I would never say this to anyone) but I was waiting for his second cd.  Man, am I disappointed.  And I feel like the only one, since everyone is boasting about how great this cd is. But I’m sitting there like WHAT cd are THEY listening to? There are maybe like 1 or 2 songs I like, others I’m staring  atwith confusion.  What the hell is this Take you home to mama” crap? And Put it Down? Who says this on a song: ” If they ask you do I dance like Chris? Tell them No But as much rubbing as we do I could start a fire”  I’m sorry, what? On the track Sweat it out“he really says (multiple times) “Call Latisha your beautician” WHY IS THAT A LYRIC! I’m extremely disappointed in this effort from him.  But everyone else loves it, and his songs are great for when your in the club dancing. And we all know that to op the billboards these days the music doesn’t have to be good.  Has anyone heard of the Stanky Leg (EXACTLY!) I also don’t feel his voice is that good, it’s decent at best.  But the same can be said about R. Kelly, whose influence is very apparent on the cd.  When R. Kelly did the duet Same Girl with Usher, Usher was singing him under the table.  But R. Kelly is a great song writer (who should be writing from jail as he is a pedophile).

Also released on 3.10.2009 was J Holiday’s second cd, Round 2.  Now, I kept I was going to give his first cd a listen, because I heard boy really  has pipes on him. But he kinda just slipped through the cracks and I never got around to it.  Lately I’d been hearing some interviews he did on the local radio stations, and he sounded like a real cool dude, so I said I’d really give Round 2 a listen.   And I did. And I love it.  I have already allotted time tomorrow to listen to the first effort because I feel like I’ve been missing out. On this cd he even has a socially conscious song, Homeless.  How many singers out there are still doing socially aware songs? Holiday’s lead single is It’s Yours, which is a good solid song.  However other songs I like here are Forever ain’t enough, Run into my arms, Lights go Out, and I don’t even mind the Rick Ross feature (the only on the album) on the song Wrong Lover. Oh, and the boy really does have some pipes on him. (Did anyone else wonder if that’s Brugal Dominican Rum surrounding J on his album cover? That’s some strong stuff!)

I think it all boils down to the passion for the music. When listening to The Dream’s cd, I didn’t feel anything.  Well, lets not say anything, I felt his sense of following a formula and desire to be on top of the billboard charts.  While listening to J Holiday, I knew he really is in this for the music. And for me, that is central as I believe that music is life.  J Holiday’s cd is music for life and The Dream is the “Radio Killa” or the “R&B Gorilla” or “The American Dream” depending on which song it is.  His conceit is annoying and such a turn off.  Great songwriter, for others.  For himself, he needs more work, more editing and other input. So that’s my verdict.  If your in the record store, or browsing your iTunes support J Holiday’s effort before The Dreams.*

Check out Vibe Revolutions for their review of both CDs

*I felt really mean saying that, but hey, I like what I like right?

One thought on “The Dream vs. J Holiday: Which album reigns supreme?

  • jessj

    i LOVE it, i just listened to it thnx to ur tweet lol the dream is that club music but J. is the after the club music 😉

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