Australia’s Yoga Granny puts me to shame

I’m not really into yoga, but one of my best friends is, so I can’t wait for her to hear about Bette Calman, an 83 year old yoga instructor.  Yoga Granny can get into poses that my 20-something body can’t even fathom! Maybe I should get into yoga if it can keep me like this. I did always want to try Pilates though. Which one is better?

& no these are NOT camera tricks (at least to my knowledge).

According to the article, Bette was a pioneer of the regime in Australia in the 1950s, ran yoga centres for 33 years and made regular TV appearances in the 70s. She still teaches up to 11 classes a week and doesn’t plan on giving up any time soon. I’m sure she gets business just based on her being a novelty. I know I’d pay for a class just to see her do her thing. But I’d also be scared because what if that was the day her wrist gave out? I mean  its great that she can do these things, but even the most viral old people have injuries. Her body is young, but her bones are still old. I’m just saying..

This may be mean, but I find her face hard to look into for long periods of time.  I feel like her eyes are piercing through my soul.

Pics & Article here @ DailyMail

One thought on “Australia’s Yoga Granny puts me to shame

  • onebaddboo

    Wowww Granny put me to SHAME!!

    I’ve taking both classes and I’m a fan of pilates, but only because I want a stronger core area. I think yoga (over time!!!!!!) helps build flexibility and better posture.

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