Spreading Sunshine: 4/29/09

Happy  Hump Day Lovers! I hope all is well out there in the world. Here are some things for you to laugh & gawk at today!Please enjoy your day, and try to make someone else smile 🙂

Left or  Right? — OK, I stared at this for probably 5 minutes trying to see how I can reverse the directions of the damn figure. And why the hell does that thing look like Beyonce to me. Bey needs to fall back!

Kanye’s So Amazing Video – Definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. Video is cool too! I used to be a Jeezy fanwhen he first dropped. Go Crazy was my JAM that summer. Its obvious that him & Kanye have good studio chemistry (NO HOMO!!!!!) LOL

The Lost Mac Commercial – Dave Chappelle.. I miss you!! Please come back!

MTB4 members get ripped – Blog Browsing I came across this. She gives it to each member of the last season. They all need someone to tell them like it is..

Turn your FAG on?? – OK, 1st.. parodies of songs make me laugh til no end. 2nd, doesn’t this guy look like Ne-Yo?? Tell me I’m lying!!

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