Spreading Sunshine 4/30/09

Wow. I can’t believe April is over already. Tomorrow begins the month of May which not only includes Mothers Day, Memorial Day, and my birthday but also this year it houses my Bahamas vacation! Can you say excited??

I thought I should explain where I got the idea to Spread Sunshine.  I encounter a lot of interesting articles and blogs that I’d like to further comment on and share, but its not always feasible for me to do a whole blog on them. I find this is a good way to spotlight other blogs and to share with you guys.

How do I find the blogs? Well, I usually start by browsing someones blogroll. For instance if I go to Jess’s blog and I see what blogs she reads, I’ll check some of them out, and do the same to those sites. Its really a spider affect. It involves a lot of clicking! If I don’t find an interesting article on the first page of the blog, which usually  has the most recent posts, I’ll move on to the next. I do try to post relatively recent articles for you guys.  I’ve encoutered some great sites by doing this. So if you haven’t checked some of the pasts blogs I’ve recommended you definitely should.

Ok, so on with the show. Who’s HOT today?

1. Chrisette Michelle interview – I was able to listen to her album today, and well, its just freaking GREAT! ooOoOooHH I love when I anticpate an album and it actually lives up to my expectations. Yes, what a great feelig.

2. Beyonce Double Take – I want to send out a memo to this blog, it wasn’t Beyonce who decided to send a body double, it was a radio station that played a prank.  It’s very important to find the whole story. I doubt Beyonce, who is very into how she is perceived by the media would do this. I mean come on, they edited Obsessed to fit into a softer rating for her fans!! Here is the original story.

3. Champs Creed – Same blog, different story. This was quite the laugh, you must check it out.  Do you have any things that you live by that you’d want to share? I have a few.. Maybe I’ll post them on another day..

4. What’s in a Name – Especially a blog name. I wonder what the blog author would think of my blog name.

Ok Lovers, have a great last day of April. Let’s hope the showers are all done with. Until next time

One thought on “Spreading Sunshine 4/30/09

  • Jakora,

    CAn you please email me or call me? For some reason my emails keep bouncing back to you- I need you as full time, compensated writer ASAP.

    Seriously I don’t have your phone number and have been searching for you!


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