Spreading Sunshine: Hot Links for 4/23/09

These were my favorite posts I read today and I think you guys will like them too, and of course they are random just like me!

1. United Groupies of America – JessDubb breaks down the need for organized groupies. We need to keep our superstars (athletes, not 2 bit rappers) heads in the game! LOL

2. Somali Pirate extradicted to NYC & Kitty  Bradshaw tells us all about it! Hear her take on not only him but his mama too!

3.  Steve Harvey’s Act like a Lady, Think like a Man – I’m glad he reviewed it, so I don’t have to. I was torn about reading this & from this review I probably won’t. Thanx!

4. Summer Shades Styles – Right on time, I’ve been shopping for a new pair! Thanks FabGlance!

Happy Almost Friday Lovers!!

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