Speading Sunshine 4/28/09

OK Lovers! It’s that time of day where I let you know what caught my eye today. Hope you all had a great day of work today, because mine is about to be over. I’m headed to Happy Hour! Yay!

1.  Are all BLACK women Gold-Diggers? – I think not. But there are different type of Gold Diggers & different types of women. I don’t really care what everyone else, but I definitely don’t consider myself one. Thoughts?

2.  Naomi Campell retiring! – Someone’s biological clock is ticking! And when you’ve been one of the best in modeling industry for 20 years, no one can blame you for calling it quits.

3.  Specters Political Prowess –  Is Arlen Specter really having a change of ideals or is he just looking for re-election by any means necessary?

4.  New Music from Maxwell & Chrisette Michelle – I loveeeeeeeee Chrisette and cannot wait  until Tuesday for her cd! Please believe I will be reviewing it! Loved the 1st one!! Thanks @ Necole Bitchie!

Have fun reading!

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