Men, please exercise foot care!

Men, foot care is not just a female worry, so even if you don’t go and let a professional do it please take the time do it yourself. I know there are some stigmas and stereotypes that surround men who go out and get pedicures, but I say damn all that. Some straight guys say its a “homo” thing to do.. but how do they figure. Pedicures  come with a foot and lower leg massage, full nail care, callus treatment, and moisturizing so unless your getting some nail polish I don’t see how that makes it in any way gay. I mean, most men enjoy a nice massage, sooo… what’s the problem..

Here is where this thought began to ruminate, just so you don’t think I’m coming out of left field. When I was on vacation it happened to rain a lot. So one day, I’m sitting on a step, avoiding the rain waiting for my ride, and this group of 4 guys walks over to the area also trying to avoid the rain. Being that I was sitting down, I had a good view of their footwear/feet. When I turned my head I saw the ugliest pair of man feet EVER!! So, being the person that I am, I had to sneak a picture. I managed to finagle around him to get a picture of his feet. HE caught me, but not before I snapped a pic for you guys.. check it:

UGly mens feet in sandals

So after he catches us he begins to ask me and my friend do we think his friend is cute. “No, but we think you’re feet are sexy!!!” And we died laughing. The sad thing is, he wasn’t a bad looking guy at all, but his feet looked like they belonged to a 65 year old man. There is nothing sexy about Chewbacca feet. Get it together guys.

Why should you care about a foot care regimen? Um, well it will prevent the funky odor and women appreciate that. If you want a foot massage you better not have nasty ass gnarly toes poking out! And if you take care of your feet you can avoid calluses. I’m just saying guys! If not for yourself do it for others! If I can keep myself groomed so  can you. If you don’t get pedicures, please own a toe nail clipper. Thanks!

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