Spreading Sunshine: 5/15/2009

Swine Flue?– They can name 30 things way scarier (yes I said thirty!!)! Straight Comedy! (Via www.hailmaryjane.com)

Keyshia Cole, LOVE HER! – Something about her rocks my world! And not in a sexual way! This is an excerpt sxomeone posted of an interview she did with Sister 2 Sister Mag, my granny used to subscribe to that magazine. It was pretty cool.

Sugar High – How much sugar is 19g really? How does  your food stack up? Thanks @onebaddboo!

What is Good Hair? – So this is an ongoing topic for many people! Tyra was talkin about it on her show and then I saw this article, I haven’t read it in its entirety but I plan to as soon as I get a chance. I mean, I’m so sick of people telling me I have “good hair.” WTF is that???

2 thoughts on “Spreading Sunshine: 5/15/2009

  • onebaddboo

    OMG I was reading a blog somewhere where woman were offended about a black womans use of the term “Indian hair” to describe herself.

    I never really understood how senstive of a topic “good” hair was but I should know since I spend some much money on products and the hair salon (yes I admit it, healthy hair is important to me).

    Why does society go through fads of deciding which ONE style of hair they consider “beautiful”? And why does (some) woman use this as a standard?? I’ll never know…

    oh, thanks for the shot out!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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