Spreading Sunshine 5/6/2009

I have been slacking on spreading sunshine lately, both online and off. I forgot to call my aunt and wish her a Happy birthday on Sunday-such a bad neice!! Here’s your dose of good reads for today!

1. The 10 Commandments of Condom Use : This needs to be in a textbook somewhere. So many people (adults and teens) aren’t properly schooled on proper condom ettiquette. Take heed!

2. Do you have home training? : Take this quiz and find out! Yes, its another top 10, what can I say? Today I was in the mood to count, had to flex my math skills!

3. So wrong, but yet so true. I loved this comic, don’t know when it first hit the internets, but I couldn’t help laughing.. I’m sure you will too!

Obama Comic Strip

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