X-Men Origin’s: Wolverine

OK, so I was going to do a review on this movie (or maybe just on Hugh Jackman’s hot sexy nakedness, but then I read Jess’s 10 reasons why you need to see this and after reading her’s I don’t feel there is much more I can add. I believe that it is a good writers job to know when they can add to the discussion and when are they just being pointless banter. So NOT to bore you guys anymore.. here you have it:

Jess’s 10 reasons to see X-Men Origin’s Wolverine

  1. Wolverine is all angry and sexy in his clothes that just barely fit,yet at any second you’re waiting for them to just completely rip off *yes Wolverine Hugh Jackman is my white boy crush*
  2. Hello?! Mutant fighting!!!  Especially Sabretooth he’s a total badass actually lemme make it specific, when they run up in the Nigerian diamond house and you see what everybody can do :-)
  3. They don’t hold back, there were a few times, no lie, that I covered my eyes…those mutants are bananas man…and that William Stryker?! Such great acting!

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