Michael Jackson is D.E.A.D.

I know I’m not the only person who finds this surreal, but still!! I wasn’t going to post on this because its all over the news and the blogsphere, but i just couldn’t NOT! I’m disturbed-not shed tears disturbed but I find it sad because his musical genius can’t be denied. I might have to take PYT off my workout playlist because I’ll suddenly remember he’s gone and it’ll be surreal all over gain.

I can’t believe that CNN said the toxicology results won’t be available for weeks. People!! This is MJ, you can rush that.. not that I have a deep desire to know but I know that it can done. Some people need that peace.

I’m sad I gave my MJ medley  mix cd to my BFF. I need to rock out to him to say a final good bye to his music. I remember my little neighbor when I was younger was a SUPER MJ fan. He was like 4-5 and I was like 8. He had a huge crush on me, so he would try to let me rub on his glove. And he would tuck in his shirt to show the belt. Do you guys remember the belt?

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