OMG!! Real life Final Destination


I woke up to this news story:

An Italian woman who arrived to the airport late for the fatal Air France flight 447 has died in a car accident, according to ANSA news agency.

Johanna Ganthaler, a pensioner from the Bolzano-Bozen Province (South Tyrol, Italy) and her husband, Kirk, were on vacation in Brazil and missed flight 447 after arriving to the airport late. They were able to board a later flight and avoided being victims of the horrible crash.

The couple rented a car in Munich, Germany and decided to drive home to Italy. On their way home, while driving through Kufstein, Austria, their car ended up in the opposite lane and they had a head on collision with a truck.

The woman died at the hospital that she was taken to. Her husband is still in critical condition.

That is such a sad story. You escape death in one tragic accident only to die in another a few days later.

That is crazy! We all say that you can’t escape death, but I never thought it was this serious. And no, I can’t believe this is happenstance.  This is freaky!  I haven’t reported on the sad crash, because I don’t like being sad, and also its been all over the internet and news that I didn’t really feel I could add much to the dialogue, but this is different. This is one of those cray rarities that we don’t hear of often. What do you think? Bizarre right?


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