Road Rage.. I have it!

I posted a calm version of this over @  GlocallyNewark and you guys should check it out! (Along with my other posts!!!)


Why do some Newark drivers like to pull up beside your car at a red light, then when it turns green speed ahead of your car? I wasn’t going to write about this, but then as I was driving home down Berget Street another car did it to me.  What the FUCK??? Seriously? You need to get to your destination that bad? That extra 5 seconds is going to save you what? And your ruining you car!And this is dangers.. Because me.. I’m not the passive type.. I’ll gun my gas too if I see this is your intention. I do not believe in being bullied on the road. HELL NO!  And I hope that someone who does this unsafe driving measure reads this and stops doing it or does it to the wrong person and gets in a deserved accident. IF you act recklessly you eared the results!!!  Has it ever happened to you? You’re idle at a light waiting for it to change and a car pulls up. This of course isn’t a big deal because cars pull to your right all the time to make right turns, but then the light changes and they speed ahead of you. This shit pisses me off! Each and every time!!

This is infuriating to me each and every time it happens (and it happens often). Why is And let’s not discuss the illegality of it. This is improper passing at its finest. Add this driving frustration on to the tantamount levels of traffic that fill the town some days and this leads to some angry drivers. And the last thing I need is a driver just as angry as me, so we can aggressively pass each other on the road and glare at each other.  I know sometimes it gets the best of me, but hey.. this is a pet peeve. We all have one!  Any similar experiences or driving in the city gripes (besides lack of parking)?

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