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Ladies!! Kim Kardashian is on her grind. She has a new site, that is like Netflix for shoes (except these you don’t have to return! Now, I’m not Kim K fan because I think she’s famous for no reason, but if this site really works how its described, sign me up! I will NOT knock someone for a great idea.


How does it work you ask? Well apparently they survey you to determine what kind of shoes your into. Then they offer you a selection of 5 different shoes to pick from. Of those 5 the one you select will be sent to you. You will get one shoe per month for $39. According to the site, if your not interested in any shoes that month you can skip it and not be assessed the fee. How cool is that??

OH, and shipping is free in the US, yet another added bonus! Exchanges are also free, but you do have to pay 5.95 for returns-that’s not too bad since shipping is free to you!

I can’t wait to try this out. I think its a cool idea, so check it out if you’re a shoe whore like me! I mean look @ some of these shoes they say they’ve sent members:Can you say H-E-L-L-O to shoe #1 for me??


OH & Kim K also has new workout videos out too.. Now I wouldn’t buy those, but if someone sent me a preview I’d test them out & tell you if I can really fit into my jeans by friday! <3

3 thoughts on “Shoe dazzle dot com

  • Sharece

    I love this idea! I’m gonna try it too! It’s like a mix between Netflix and Columbia House. With Columbia House they feature a CD or DVD monthly and for that month they automatically send it to you unless you tell them you don’t want it. I’m a shoe whore too…*sigh* LOL!

  • onebaddboo

    this is definately for me!!! I’m definately going to give them a credit card I can cancel quickly in case this is a scam or something because this is almost 2 good to be true!!! 1 shoe a month for $40?!?!?!? How great is that?!?! (We shall soon find out!)

  • OH EM GEE *running over right now*!!!! I am about to plug this post on Twitter… also I am going to steal it for my site!!! loll

    Love you sis!

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