Updated Johnny Depp Mad Hatter Pictures

Johnny Depp Mad Hatter

Oh hell yes! Remember back in Nov. I posted a picture that was supposed to be Johnny Depp in the new Tim Burton produced Alice in Wonderland. Well…these new and improved pics have hit the net and um.. yeah.. J. Depp looks straight up MAD LOL.  It seems they haven’t strayed far from what was leaked. I love the vibrant colors.  He looks very  Edward ScissoryHands and Willy Wonka mixed together.

They also have some pics of Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway.

Helena Bonham Carter Red QueenAnne Hathaway White Queen

I <3 Helena BC.. she plays weird oh so well.. Her & J. Depp do great work together as well as Tim. Did you know HBC was T. Burton’s love thang? Well if you didn’t now you do!

Oh, can I say that A. Hathaway’s makeup was the least interesting. I mean, it looks like all they did was spray her hair white and give her red lips. Add that to some pale foundation and that was my friends vampire Halloween costume last  year. What’s going on??

They have some other pics up too but I didn’t post those. You can imagine that this is definitely going to be a darker Alice In Wonderland than you remembered dealing with Tim Burton. I need to get inside his head for a day. Where does his creativity come from? Is HBC his muse?

But the biggest question is… Where is Professor Snape’s Caterpillar picture??? That’s what I need to make me happy.

For those other pics click HERE

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