What is a revolutionary in 2009?

Facebooky has all these little quizlets you can take when your bored, you’ve all seen them: What kind of lover are you? What is your sexual personality, How Dateable are you. When will you get married, etc., They are cool to pass the time with sometimes… at least they do for me at work. Today one of my friends took the “What Black Leader are You?” so I decided to follow.

I don’t know how the hell they arrive at their answers based on the questions used, but apparently I’m Angela Davis, which for me is cool because I think she rocks.

You may quietly consider yourself a rebel with a cause. You were not designed to follow social conformities and this gets you in a world of trouble; nevertheless, your opinions are ON POINT. You know what you’re talking about and are not afraid to say-so.

I remember seeing her speak when I was in college and thought she was a great speaker. But then my results got me to thinking. What am I speaking my mind about? Is my voice useless if I spend it ranting about things no one cares about? What is there that can be vehemently spoken against in this new millennium where nothing is sacred? It was so easy in the past, Davis’s generation, to get involved and speak out because things were blatantly racist and unjust. But now injustice is covertly hidden amongst us and when you try to call it out people call you paranoid. They say your overreacting and racism doesn’t exist. OR women’s rights. Plenty will say that women’s rights are no longer an issue and things are plenty equal. What is it that really grinds Cleo’s gears to cause her to speak out. what did I feel strongly for or against?

1. I’m against white celebrities going to Africa or China or Vietnam, or wherever to adopt babies when their are plenty disadvantaged people in our own country. How can we fix other peoples kids when we can’t fix our own.

2. I’m against the illegal immigration of Mexicans. Why should you be given a free pass because of your close proximity to the US?

3. I am against standardized testing being a way to judge the nations kids. The forces schools, in urban areas especially, to teach to the test versus just plain teaching. We want kids to be well rounded not little test drones who get to college and fail because they aren’t getting the proper education.

4. I’m pro-choice.

5. And today it was brought to my attention yet again that I think PETA is a waste of time and space. Can I start and anti-PETA Coalition? I wonder how many members I could atract. I mean seriously, how many times do they think they can throw red paint on someones fur before one of them gets killed? Or how about going to the fundamentals of how people orginated? (sure we’re far from them but hey!) Way back when people had to wear fur, it was the only way to keep warm. You had to hunt your coat down and before you could wear him you had to eat him! I’d be more up in arms over the chemicals and shit they are putting in the beef to then feed our kids than actually wearing their skin. How about protesting against the FDA and their lax standards?

What’s more perverse?

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