Fab Summer Nail Polish & Make-up!!

When I read this post over at Fab Glance Nashville (did I tell you I’m jealous they won tickets to Maxwell in NYC??? Not because I have a dying desire to see Maxwell, but dammit I just want to win something!!!), I knew I was going to post about it. How could I NOT? I just got my  nails painted bright summer pink! And I absolutely LOVE nail polish… on my natural nails. But lately I’ve been wearing some tips and usually that I only do French manicures or some other neutral color. But I decided to be different. When I’m Au Naturale I rock different colors on each hand or even alternate fingers, so why should now be different? I consider my nails an expression of my individuality while I conform to the confines of the professional world. Do you? I mean how else can I be in a world where neutral colors reigns supreme? I’m young dammit and I intend to show it. I wish I was better w/ Photoshop so you could avoid being forced to see  crap around my hands, LOL! Do you love?

pink nail polish

I also wanted to talk about how I found the absolute perfect lip gloss for the summer in Cover Girl Wet Slicks  Fruit Spritzers-I admit, I didn’t believe the hype, but its sooo good! It smells good, it looks good, and best of all its not sticky!AND!!! I found a dope bronzer. It’s so light and airy that I love it. It’s by Physician’s Formula, its their Organic line. I had another one by PF, but I broke it one day carrying a whole bunch of crap to my car. I will get another one for night wear, but for daily wear, this is IT!! So consider this Cleo’s summer make-up guide! Quick Gloss and bronzer and that’s all you need.

Bye Lovers!!!

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