Funny YouTube Videos

Because I’m easily amused, along with half the world, you must watch these videos and laugh! I’m highly sure that you will at least get a good chuckle if not a true LOL!

From Candys Rayne

This is a fictional portrayal of a meeting between India Aire and (I swear this woman captures my soul ) Erykah Badu. Apparently it made the rounds on Twitter over the weekend, but I wasn’t heavy in the world of tweets this weekend due to the holiday. I love this little text to speech cartoons. Very Very amusing!

From Dirty Whorelebrity News

Ever wondered what really makes a good F.W.B relationship? Well here are the rules to Casual Sex, LOL. No I do NOT endorse it, but we can’t pretend it doesn’t happen. We all have a friend or know a friend of a friend who’s a loose booty or a loose dick. And sometimes people need to know the rules (I’m just saying, Steve McNair, you shoulda kept that temp in her role and maybe we could continue to have your presence here on earth).

Hope you laugh like I did!


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