Fashion Friday: Jimmy Choo joins H&M for a shoe-venture!

Maybe this is old news to some, but in case you didn’t know like myself,  Jimmy Choo and H&M ( Hennes & Mauritz )have partnered to bring his flavor to over 200 H&M stores beginning in November. JC isn’t the first super star designer to bring their duds to a retailer more of us can afford; Vera Wang partnered with Kohl’s a few years ago and Isaac  Mizrahi sells at Target. JC is going to be bringing us shoes ranging from $58-138 dollars, which is pretty dope since his shoes retail usually for over $400.  This is definitely a huge market for these type of designers. And  personally I think it challenges their design skills, because now they have to design every day clothes for the every day woman. Not rich bitches and skinny gals!

I think this is fucking totally awesome. Have you seen the shoes at h&m? They are pure generic trash. Seriously, their shoes are worse than Payless!

If Jimmy can bring me a cheaper version of these caged pumps in red (HELL YEA!!) I’ll be loyal forever!

Jimmy  Choo Keenan sandal


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