Spreading Sunshine 7/7/09

Hey Lovers!

It’s been awhile since I spread some love out in the world, but all is well because I’m back at it! I hope this entertains you, because it has to entertain me in traffic court today.  Enjoy!

1. Hate your boss or job? This makes the cut because I can relate. Bosses who micro-manage the most menial bullcrap & how that can sometimes cause you to check out. I also have a few close friends who can dig this! (Thx! to The Goodie Bag!!)

2. High Fashion? Sometimes I don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong, I am a mini fashionista, but first and foremost I am a budgetista. I need my clothes to be cute 7 affordable, and if it can double from work to play, EVEN BETTER!! I don’t get what seems to be the high fashion rule, it seems that if it makes the runway it is completely unwearable in actual day to day life. Some of this ish… IDK, what do you think?      (Fashion with a Side of Life)

3.  Stop Sleeping on Jersey! Despite what everyone says, Jersey is a great state. Don’t let movies mislead you, in fact a helluva lot of movies are filmed here in Jersey, or make reference to Jersey. It always happens, hell in Tranformers 2 they made their way to Jersey. See what I mean!!

New Jersey Don't Love YOU!
New Jersey Don't Love YOU!

We don’t love them hoes! LOL

These tees were designed by a local (local to me is the Monmouth County Central Jersey area) NJ DJ/ entrepreneur.

OK, that’s it for today!



I don’t have a link for this, but did anyone, I mean annyyyooonneee really get the gist of why the hell Sarah Palin was resigning? Her whole speech was just one big run on sentence. And who really cares, its mutha-fudge-phucking Alaska. I inferred from it that she maybe preparing for a Senate Run and others propse its for 2012. I can care less what it is, I really want her to fall off the media radar and give up the analogies. In case she didn’t get the memo Palin, your analogies suck! Tina Fey, please reprise your role!!!! I mean, this lady really writes her own jokes…

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