Thank you Subway!!!

I think that we all really do owe Subway a big thank you (and not just for those hilarious commercials!)  even if we don’t eat their food. Personally I’m not a big Subway fan, its more of a last resort, however their $5 Footlongs are making food more affordable again. Even if you don’t eat out, or really eat fast food often, you have to admit that each time you go to do it you look at the menu prices and think that damn these things have gotten hella expensive?  Well, if they keep this us, it can only benefit us!

For awhile, Subway was the lone company offering such a deal. I mean, in reality its not the best deal since chips and a soda are extra money, but the idea of a  big sandwich for so cheap went a long way. People felt like they were getting a deal since the sandwich itself was sooo cheap. In that time, I’m sure the pockets of these other companies felt the burn…but now its finally paying off in the hand of the lazy consumers! Yay us!!

Arby’s is now offering a $5 BBQ Bacon roast Burger. Now I have never eaten at an Arby’s nor do I eat beef, but it starts with one meal then others will follow!

Annnnd the other day I saw a commercial for KFC having a $5 fill-up box. Now this is an idea I can get down with since for some reason every time I go to visit my grandmother I end up eating KFC on the drive down. I however, would never let my mouth rest on that horribleness they call grilled chicken. I tend to stick to twister wraps and chicken tenders. Great Stuff! I also love me some Quizno’s! Haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but they have these new Toasty Torpedoes that should be good, I mean how can you go wrong at Quizno’s? I happen to love their expensive Chopped Salads, well the ones that don’t have bacon or beef or pork.

The sad part is that none of this food that is becoming more affordable isn’t really the best food for us. I mean, sure we can try to justify Subway by saying, “well Jarred did it” but the more mayo and cheese and other glop you put on it makes your dreams of achieving success on the subway diet slightly unattainable. And anyone who thinks they can get healthy eating KFC often has bigger problems than weight loss, its called denial. While yes this is a good step for consumers, let’s not really forget who’s interest are at heart here!

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