Cleo’s Official Review: Letoya Lady Love

I wouldn’t say I was was eagerly awaiting Letoya Luckett’s new cd, but I was looking forward to it. I enjoyed her first CD, and I’m the type who will go back for more if I was satisfied. Her first single, Not Anymore was pretty cool and catchy so I definitely wasn’t led to believe it wouldn’t be satisfying. So here’s the official Cleo review of Letoya Luckett’s Lady Love.

First Listen to this CD I was not thoroughly enthused about it. However,  I pressed on for the sake of research. When I thought of the title “Lady Love” I imagined a different perspective to what is like to be in love. Or someone who is schooling us non-lovers with her love wisdom, but it wasn’t.  Most of these songs were a lot of the same subject matter: either wanting a man .. or the man did you wrong. Not a problem, just not what I expected. Song writing could have been stronger, but in a world where The Dream dominates the charts, sometimes less is more I guess?

Little things mean a lot to me. I wish she had better song titles.  The single words are so blah to me. I know that’s a strange thing, but it just kind of irks me.

So here are my thoughts song by song: I happen to listen to songs on random, not in track order because I think it shows if it can be a stand alone single, so sorry if the tracks aren’t in order 🙂

She ain’t got: Cursing in r&b always shocks me! LOL. This song is so similar to She Don’t on her debut album that its scary to me. Even a scene in the video is similar. Where she has him on a chair and she dances around him. Deja  vu seriously!  Check out the She Don’t video on Youtube because they all have embedding disabled!

Lazy: I almost abandoned this song while listening to the first verse, but as the chorus came on, I liked it. I enjoyed the melody. Definitely one of the pop songs of the album.

Good To Me: nice production. I would skip this in next listen however. Just not really working for me.

Tears: Enjoy the beat. I wish the song wasn’t titled Tears. It took me a second listen to realize this was a semi-sexy song. the beat is sexier than the actual lyrics.

After Party:  Beat is ok. Lyrics – eh, just ok. Not one of my favorite songs.

Take Away Love Ft. Estelle : How can you go wrong with the British sensation Estelle. LOVE HER! sounds very Estelle like. Love the song! will be going on a play list. I just haven’t decided which one.

Regret: Yet another GREAT feature. Ludacris does NOT do whack features. I heard this online rip before the album dropped. Loved it. More cursing in R&B! Love it! Love the drums in the production.

Drained: Pop sound definitely. I listened 3 times and still didn’t have an opinion on it. So, I guess that says enough.

Over: I like it, but I don’t love it. Nothing totally original, which is what I would have loved.

Matter: Just ok. not standout if you ask me.

Lady Love: Title Track . It’s nice. Sort of up-tempo. I could drive to this song. I did drive to this song!

Love Roller Coaster: Mims? But why? Not that I have anything against him. Just a shocker feature if you ask me. Tempo is much different that Vivian Green’s rollercoaster. Interesting enough. No strong love or hate for it.

Don’t need u: I like the 2nd verse much more than the 1st. Almost skipped it because of the 1st verse.

Swagger (bonus track?) : This wasn’t on the amazon track listing but it was on my version I heard. I hate hate hate hate HATE the word swagger, swag, swagging or anything like that. I do like her voice on this beat. The guys, not so much. Ixnay on the swagger.

Overall, I would recommend listening to this album. It was easy on the ears and its much better than some R&B out there. When I checked the reviews that were there were all positive, so definitely check it out for yourself.

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