Fashion Friday: A case of Deja Shoe??

Deja Shoe!

When I saw these Rampage “Brittany’ boots, I immediately liked them, because they resembled these  Jessica Simpson Yana boots from last winter that I had my eye on.
rampage brittany boot
I tried them on Nordstroms .. and Lord & Taylor but the calf was just a little tighter than I would have liked. I mean, seriously, look at the similarities of these boots

Jessica simpson Yana boot
-both have side zippers
-both have a closure asthetic feature on the back of the opening.  (which I absolutely LOVE)
-both have a slouch feature.


Jessica Simpson’s boot is slightly higher (which is A-OK to me) and fits slightly closer to the knee. I also like that her boot has a more square toe.  But if you did a double glance you’d swear they were the same boot!

2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: A case of Deja Shoe??

  • Tamiah

    I LUV Jessica Simpson Boots… Her sandals are hot too for the summer but her BOOTS are CRazy Sexy especially for the chickas under 5’7″. The platform gives added height and edge.

  • Teresa

    I have the rampage boots! I am definitely a boot girl! I can honestly the Brown Rampage ones have been the most comfortable out of all the boots that I own! I am going to buy another pair, my other ones are starting to look wore! Any ideas where they are?? I bought them from Macys but don’t see them this year!!

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