Walmart only selling Whitney Houston Online?

Walmart is EVIL!
Walmart is EVIL!

I don’t typically visit Perez Hilton, however someone linked me to his site, where he had an article about Wal-mart only selling Whitney Houston’s cd online but selling Miley Cyrus (same day release)  in  stores.I don’t really care so much because I’m so avid Whit fan, but I think Wal-Mart is a hypocritical company. I try not to support them at all cost.

Does that sound harsh? Did you hear what Wal-Mart did to Debbie Shank. I remember reading about her a year or so ago. Debbie was a Wally World employee and got injured in an accident. Naturally as an employee for a major corporation she was enrolled in their health plan. Wally World shelled out about 470, 000 in medical expenses for Debbie, who was now brain-damaged. After a suit settled for Debbie for around 1 mil, after legal fees and such that left 417,000 to be put in a trust for Debbie. Wal-Mart sued her to recoup their monies.

Seriously? A billionaire company? Read more details if you’d like. But I swear I didn’t make it up!

So yeah, the rest of you can continue to shop there, but as I get older I put more thought into the brands I spend the cash at.

So this raises the question for me. Why would you opt for this? Are you trying to protect your “family-friendly” image? Yes? Did you do the same to Britney’s cd? Does it matter that M. Cyrus is a Disney slut?

I can’t do it! Thoughts??Is this a conspiracy? Is Walmart showing their strength as a retailer? Is this true? Is it just a rumor? I mean, its not like Perez Hilton is THE most reliable source. More details to come!

More on Debbie Shank


I was actually on twitter with this and someone responded to my post with a link to @WalmartKelly who is a media rep for Wal-Mart & this is what her page said!


I was actually on twitter about this and someone hit me up with a link to a rep from WalMart’s twitter, @WalmartKelly & this is what they said:

# Walmart will in fact be selling Whitney’s new album in all stores 8/31. We’re excited about Whitney’s new album!about 8 hours ago from web
# had unexpected tech issues, some CD pages are not showing up. We’re working on it now. Whitney will be online & in WMT stores.about 8 hours ago from web
@marlin6 @perezhilton Walmart will in fact be selling Whitney’s new album in all stores 8/31. We’re excited about Whitney’s new album!about 8 hours ago from web

So, if you so choose to go to Wally World (which I still don’t condone) then by all means do that on the release date. If its not there, I hope someone comes back & tells me! Pleeeaaasssseee 🙂

3 thoughts on “Walmart only selling Whitney Houston Online?

  • Wal-Mart is evil. They are anti union & have been found guilty of sex discrimination for paying men in management more than women. Avoid if possible. Anyway that Whitney song with Alicia Keys produced by Swizz beats is hot!

  • Watched her Birmingham performance on youtune. The “I Will Always Love You” performance bombed in a few places, but nowhere near as terrible as the press is making out. Hey! some of the other songs eg ‘I will always love you’ were good. Admire her for not lip sync-ing. Go Whitney! we’re rooting for ya!

  • Cleo

    I really would love if Whitney got her act right. She’s been in the news lately with missing performances and her erratic behavior. I’m with you, Go Whitney!

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