Bye Bye Summer, Hello TV!

I guess we can officially say that Summer is over. Absolutely, definitely over. And, we all know what that means, right? The return of TV. Yes, that’s right with September not only comes changing leaves and cooler nights, we also get all our favorite TV shows. Last year I was overly excited over the return of Gossip Girl, Grey’s, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, The Game, and Samantha Who? among others. Now, a few of these shows have said goodbye, unfortunately, but I’m still looking forward to some fall premieres, and I have dates for some others might not be sure of.

So, crank your DVRs into the ready position and plan accordingly!

My tops:

9/14: Gossip girl – Blair & Serena off to college, or wherever high school graduation leads them. Plus, Georgina returns. I love to hate her! And so what if I still like GG and I’m over 17. Who cares?

9/24: Grey’s Anatomy – bye bye Georgie aka 007!  I hope this season is great despite the cast changes. Grey’s fell off some in the past few seasons.

9/23: Law & Order: SVU – Sure, I can catch reruns on USA but its nothing like new episodes of Benson & Stabler. But do NOT leave this playing in the background before a “session” it might weird you out. Just an FYI

9/27: The Cleveland Show -Family Guy spinoff! YEESSS!! While I am almost as excited for the return of the Griffin family, I thought this was going to drop last year, so excuse me if I anticipate this one more. Go Cleveland!

9/27: Desperate Housewives – I love Gabby, Lynette, & Bree. OH, and I guess            Susan is OK as well. Can’t wait to see what trouble awaits Wysteria Lane this year. The 5 year skip year didn’t bother me at all.

9/27: Brothers and Sisters – I love the Walkers, they are my extended TV family, lol. And Rebecca & Justin together! Yay!

9/28: Lie to Me – the show is sick. so good. It’s legal stuff but not like court system stuff. Love it.

10/1: Private Practice – Last season ended with a major cliffhanger. Let’s see where it ends up.

10/9: Ugly Betty – I love the outrageousness of it. Hilarity.

The Shows I plan to watch that I’ve never seen before

Sons of Anarchy
– 9/8

Parks & Recreation – 9/17 (hello! I love this girl, Amy Poehler!!)

Dollhouse –  9/25I heard this was realllly good! I need to watch Season 1 first.

There are plenty of other new shows out there that are starting this fall, but none of them have piqued my interest yet. Well, I did see a preview of something for ABC that seemed promising, Modern Family. It has Al Bundy in it. (Yes, he is forever Al Bundy.)

I contemplated boycotting the CW because the offed The Game, and I still might, and just watch Gossip Girl through other outlets, but I enjoy Tweeting while watching the show. I love the imput from my Twitter family. So, do you guys think I should take a stand against the CW and their hate for good black sitcoms?I mean, there isn’t one on the roster worth watching… besides Cleveland and that doesn’t really count.

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