Cleo Reviews: Eric Jerome Dickey’s Resurrecting Midnight

In case you don’t know this about me, I absolutely ADORE Eric Jerome Dickey. No matter what genre of books I’m currently reading at the moment, if he drops some new heat, I have to purchase and read it. This will continue on until he gets whack. Anywho, I just finished reading the 4th installment of the Gideon series, Resurrecting Midnight.

Resurrecting Midnight

To catch you up, Gideon is a hit man who we’ve followed from the US to London back to the US then to the Caribbean back to the US and now he’s in Argentina. Gideon is a lover and one hell of a fighter. In my mind Gideon is milk chocolate brown, about 6’4 with Abs to die for. His legs are to die for as well as his biceps. He definitely eye candy, which is why he has no problem getting women. From Queen Scamz, Arizona, to Lola Mack. My favorite of these women being Hawks. Hawks is the perfect amount of toughness and vulnerability that Gideon deserves. Love her.

Anywho, this installment with Gideon takes on behind his Public Enemy #1: Midnight aka Medianoche. Midnight isn’t just a regular enemy, pat of the baddest group of Mo’Fo’s south of the border-The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse-He takes Daddy issues to the extreme. EXTREME!

I love EJDs books, because he takes you behind the eyes of the protagonist and the antagonist. He does it in a way that has you loving each character. It’s not enough to give us a main character to love. We have to be torn on the side of whether his enemy is really truly an enemy. And, while even though we love them, Gideon must go on.

This person on Amazon said it best,

Gideon is the main course, but the main course in and of itself is nothing. You need side dishes. Side dishes that bring OUT the main course, and make this meal perfect enough to be your last meal. The “side dishes” in this book/series would be Scamz, Arizona, Hawks, Konstantin, Catherine, and my favorite Alvin White. They are to Gideon what hot sauce is to fried gizzards.

I seriously could not have explained it any better than that. Well, except gizzards, I don’t do those. But you get the drift. Back on track …

EJD is so great at taking you to a new place. I mean, I feel like if I fly into Argentina tomorrow I know where I should go. I would know which sites to see and where NOT to go. He totally takes over all your senses, and manages to sneak in a little pop culture too. He’s just dope.

All in all this book rocks, so please check it out.If you haven’t read all the Gideon books before this, go check them out and get caught up in this world with Gideon and his hired hits and his  personal dilemmas.

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