Spreading Sunshine 9/16/09.

It’s been awhile since I’ve spread some Sunshine, but I’m back at it! I’m definitely going to try and make this happen more frequently. In fact, I vow to make it more frequent! So, now I can be held to it. I’ve been straying from what I wanted to do here. Now, Back to the master plan…

1. First up is my girl @JessDubb with her blog about a late night Twitter Conversation. This is definitely not for those who are under 16 and who don’t enjoy a great sexy conversation! LOL. Check it!

2. This next one is an article about visiting your Public Library? Seriously, when was the last time you went to a public library? It reminded of a blog I wrote for Glocally Newark about the Newark Public libraries. Many people aren’t taking advantage of their services. Check it!

3. Luxe Kultur is giving some tips on being a guest to the party. I liked this, it also reminded me of Kitty Bradshaw’s party etiquette. I enjoy hosting & being hosted. In fact, when are my bff’s gonna host me?? I need a  ladies night out!

One thought on “Spreading Sunshine 9/16/09.

  • Thanks for the sunshine Sunshine. Must admit I havent been to a library in years. Is the Dewey decimal system still in effect? And I really did not want to see pig balls…

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