Fashion Friday 10.23.09: Is this High Fashion?

Maybe I’m just not sophisticated enough for high fashion, but what is the appeal on this shoe? Like seriously? It can’t be comfortable! jil sander weird heel blue I love the blue color, I love the detailing at the top. But the heel and the platform are killing me. First off, they are 2 distinct textiles. What the hell is that, a metal pipe anyway?? I’m so over the heel. And that sucks because I enjoy when heels are different, i.e D2squared ‘s lightning bolt heel, or even when Madonna wore the shoes with the gun as the heel. These, I’m not feeling. Thoughts?? OH, and they cost hella  lotta money since they are Jil Sander and I saw them on with all the other “high fashion” shoes!

5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday 10.23.09: Is this High Fashion?

  • Cleo

    Isn ‘t it! And it has the nerve to have the little heel thing on the bottom! This is a prime example of when bad things happen to good shoes!

  • ducksandgooses

    its not high fashion its one hell of a mess though. seriously it looks like something a homeless person made under an interstate overpass.

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