Fashion Friday 10.30.09: Halloweenie Style

Finding the perfect Halloween costume is extremely difficult! Last year I knew exactly what I wanted to be. I went to one of the kazillion Halloween stores that pop up on every corner and found it. I wore it 2x. I partied like I never partied on Halloween. My German Barmaid even tried to snuggle up with the resident Dr. Hottie! This year, I am absolutely torn (and not ready to spend $50 on another one time wear *wink wink* outfit).So far, all I have is a red Lolita wig. Aiming for total transformation!

This year, I want it to be cute, yet original, and also very affordable. However, as we are the day before, that doesn’t seem very necessary. here are a few I’ve seen and thought stood out above the rest. Maybe looking at them will help the decision process.

First up: Party  City Costumes! (Because I happened to go there today)

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