Giving up your adopted kid, for adoption?

I guess Anita Tedaldi never thought she’d have her name spewed across the internet news pages. But when she decided to write about giving up her adopted son to a new home after 18 months, she opened that door.

Short Story Short: Anita has 5 kids, a husband in the military, and decided to adopt a child. She said she’d always wanted to adopt, and didn’t go into it blindly. She became the proud mother of “Baby D” when he was just under a year old. After 18 months with D. she found that she could no longer be his mom because they were having “bonding” issues.

After reading her blog about the ordeal, I get the sense that she did really care for him. I don’t think it was about race, as some have claimed.I think her family (read, her biological kids & husband) didn’t bond with him, and that influenced her decision. On D.’s last day, her daughters barely waved goodbye,

My daughters were watching SpongeBob and said goodbye to their brother almost nonchalantly, as if he was just going out for a bit and would soon be back.

And her & husband fought over this issue. I think its sad that this situation happened to that poor child, but he is still much better off than many other children in his situation. He was adopted by a different family and hopefully he will be treated fairly and with love there.


Anita’s Story

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