Music Meltdown! Alicia Keys & Queen Latifah

I heard Alicia Keys had a new single out, but I don’t really listen to the radio or watch music videos on TV often enough, so sorry if I’m late with the new video. I’m not really digging this song, but maybe it will grow on me like No One did! A. Keys is looking gorgeous in the video as usual

Queen Latifah has a new video for her song Fast Car of her new album Persona, which I do have. And I love it! I didn’t even know it was out until I was browsing Amazon for some new music one day. I didn’t do a review, because I didn’t know if anyone would be interested, but I just may. I love all the cameos in the video, especially Common, who is so SEXY!

Thanks to for putting a girl on!

One thought on “Music Meltdown! Alicia Keys & Queen Latifah

  • onebaddboo

    Alicia Keys looks absolutely amazing in her video!!! Kudos to her for that!

    But she’s a home wrecker…

    And with that, I’m leaving! lol

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