Spreading Sunshine: 10.13.09

1. Want to be a Wine expert? Me too! I happen to LOVE wine, and I’m all for having the right wine for the right occasion. Except, my dilemma is that I hate red wine! But, like the author said, “Every adult should be familiar with wine, even if they do not drink it.”

2. Would you get a piranha pedicure? Part of me finds this midly intriguing but utterly gross!!! What do they do with the fish while they change the water? But I just really want to know how smooth are your feet when its done? Will some people still need that razor later??

3. Need a Plug Rug? So, when I go out and I need to hide things – tampons, cameras, ID and the like, I just stuff it in my cleavage. But I guess not everyone is as fortunate and they need a plug rug. Get them while they’re HOT!

4. It’s a Wheel? It’s a Hampster Wheel? It’s a bed? Yes, that’s right, this is a cool, ROCKING bed! This would be great for getting that perfect angle to watch TV on. And maybe a few other good uses. The site is in some other language, Dutch or German, so I can’t find the price, good luck with that! Consider it your own persona cloud!

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