Spreading Sunshine on Mischief Night?

Happy Pre-Halloween!! Don’t throw eggs on anyone, or tee pee any houses!  OK!

cleosunshineI  love to spread sunshine. It may not seem important but I enjoy sharing my little jewels with others, as silly as they may be.  So it really bothers me when people have outdated blogrolls. Its one thing if the blogger just hasn’t updated in months, totally another when the blog just doesn’t exist anymore. I’m just saying, its good business to keep it updated.    On with the show!!

1. Women want a lot, or that’s so it seems. And I, as a woman, find that I want very little.  But this guy, no idea who he is, breaks it down to how to get what you want, with humor – not in those cheesy Cosmo ways that tell you to sell your soul to the devil to get the man you want. I had never even been on Stumbleupon, but I guess its good that I did!

2. I hate hate hate HATE baseball. Playing it is so much more fun that watching.. But um, these guys in those tight pants. I’ll watch! JadeNY’er wrote this for my girl Kitty Bradshaw’s site. Check it

3. This litte girl is really moving! And she’s not dancing in a way that is overly raunchy, but just in a way that she has this routing down pack! via Alyson Mance

4. The G-Men (the powers that be behind Google-y stuff) are acing this customer service thing apparently. I love tales of good customer service, being in customer service myself. And, whenever someone tells me I rock, I tell them to let my supervisor know, HA! Plus, this story is downright ridiculously amusing. Straight Comedy!

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