Why? Wednesday!

amy winehouse nipple

I hope everyone gets over Hump Day! Here’s a few Why’s for Wednesday. Add you own! I used to do this with a book club I belonged to. It’s very relaxing!

1. Why did Amy Winehouse get implants? This looks horrible. My eyes can’t take it! Check the before and after man!Thing is, I think she has the potential to be pretty. Shoot, others look worse!

amywinehouse pre boob job

2. Why do people fuel pseudo celebrities? Like seriously, because Tameka Foster-Raymond, or whoever she is, keeps feeding the media, she seems to think she is famous. Honey you’re not. And neither are half these other people. Why won’t they just go away.  Audacity . REAL celebs don’t call people at home.This is why you’d never be famous! Speaking of Pseudo celebs, why everyone gotta pick on Khloe Kardashian? Saying how she’s the ugliest sister? She’s a cute girl, and idiot, but still cute. I hate that picture they have up all  over the internet of her in that horrible red lipstick. She shouldn’t be allowed to do that!

3. Why do I like Chris Brown’s new video, but I’m not totally sold on the song? Maybe its because of Wayne. I’m so not into him. But I love C.Brown. He’s getting older now too, so I don’t feel so pervy!

4. Why is R.Kelly still making music that tries to attract 16 yr. olds? That song, Number 1 is whack. Shoot yourself.

5. Why did yahoo auto draft me Shaq? I hate Shaq! Even worse, I hate listening to him talk.

6. Pogo.com’s Battle ship is utterly addicting. Why do I spend many hours playing this new game. Salvo style please and thank you!

2 thoughts on “Why? Wednesday!

  • Tamiah

    Why do I soooooooooooooo want the Lady Gaga Cd?

    Chris Breezy is still a cutie. I saw the video last night hate the song but watched him dance on mute!

    Amy Winehouse: No Comment

    Your uncle ( R. Kelly) is a damn fool!!!! I needs to bury himself and stop singing about f*&$#&@ so damn much. Isn’t that what got him in problem for the 99th time. Damn dude be old already. ( Public ANNOUNCE: Please do not allow your children to sit on Uncle Kels lap. Matter of fact do not invite Uncle Kels to family gatherings he might pull a “Soul Food” move with your daugther.

    Khole Kardashian is cute especially in a normal/ everyday girl way. She lacks the sex appeal of Kim and Kourtney but she is still cute. Hair and makeup does Wonders.

  • Cleo

    Lady Gaga?? Seriosly?? IDK LOL .. but this is from someone who just decided to listen to Katy Perry’s cd..

    Oh, and C. Breeze is MINE!!

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