Fashion Friday 11.20.09 : Shop For A Better World

As I started last week, fashion is so much more than what you wear outside the house. We’re continuing that trend this week!

Shop for a Better World, is a partnership between Fair Winds Trading, Women of Rwanda and Macys. I know of them because a few years ago I bought y grandmother one of thier lovely hand-woven bowls for Christmas.  These bowls are a lovely piece for a coffee table. I figured she would enjoy it since she has so much crap stuff on  her coffee table. I purchased a Unity bowl for her, which is unfortunately  not available on the Macy’s website. They do have some others that are still going to make some wonderful accent pieces in someone’s home. Pictured are the “True Unity”, “Thousand Hills”, and the “New Africa” bowls.

rwanda macys bowl

rwanda bowl macys fair winds trading

Would you like to guess where the bowl I bought her is?

The damn bowl is still in the box on top of her refrigerator. I get upset everytime I see the box. #imjustsayin.

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