Fashion Friday 11.20.09: Spotlight on Zoe Saldana

I don’t really remember her in anything before Drumline, and honestly, she didn’t register on my fashion radar then. but she stayed around. She was in the Terminal with Tom Hanks, Guess Who with Bernie Mac, Pirates of the Carribean w/ my boo Johnny Depp, Vantage Point, and (among other things) most recently Star Trek.She’s said that she’s sometimes mistaken for Thandie Netwon. Besides them both being thin, I don’t see the resemblence.

zoesaldana headshot
I think she is adorable, and of course I would since she’s a Jersey girl! She doesnt’ look a day over 25, can you believe she was born in ’78?

zoe_thigh highs OW! Sexy! I think thigh highs are hella sexy!

zoe gray dress grey shoesThese shoes are rocking my world. I need these in my life. STAT!

ZoeSaldana green red carpet dressThat’s what I think is sometimes off w/ Zoe. Her smile looks forced. Cute, nonetheless.

short hair zoe saldanaAnd she’s even FAB in the short hair.

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