Nars 15×15 Launch Event

I got these pics last week, but I wanted to save them for Fashion Friday. Plus I wanted to pay homage to my new Nars Stylo, I freaking LOVE IT!! Using eyeliner has NEVER been easier. I don’t have the blue one yet (the one I wanted the most) but I have faith that I may eventually have it. (wink wink). In fact I adore all my Nars products. I love their packaging.

Francois Nars (who is very young) celebrated the launch of the 15×15 Project. There were some big names there that I don’t know who they were, so I didn’t gravitate towards their photos. But the ones I have are interesting.

Lorenzo Martone-Marc Jacobs-Lisa Marie-Francois Nars (Large)
Lorenzo Martone-Marc Jacobs-Lisa Marie-Francois Nars

If you’ve ever been to, at first glance doesn’t she look like Phoebe Price? HA!

Nars15franciscoI don’t really know any of these people except Nars, but look at the people lurking in the background!

amanda lepore & Daphne Guiness
Someone really wore those Alexander Mcqueen shoes?

Just like wow. I don’t know who Daphne Guiness is but she must be “major” to be rocking the Alien Alexander McQueen shoes. And, I have to admit, I didn’t know who Amanda Lepore was.I’d seen her photo around on dlisted and various sites. And I’m just not going to say anything else about her. Google is your friend.

Cassie (Large)Cassie was there .. and i’m  just not sure why. Gorgeous girl, but isn’t your 15 minutes up? Is her head still shaved?

Selita Ebanks (Large)

Selita Banks is wearing that purple pretty  nicely. Not sure if I’m in love with it.

russel simmons NarsIs that Russy’s girl? I’m not sure who is boo of the moment is?

If you want more info from the NARS & Marc Jacob’s 15×15 event try some of these links:

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