Spreading Sunshine 11.23.09

To keep you from the Monday blues I have some fun stuff for you to check out. Enjoy, I sure did!

OMG I want these tights that Fergie is rocking @ the AMA performance!!

Fergie AMA tights

1. Models + High End Fashion Brands? <<— UM!! What?? talk about branding! I felt like I was going to get in trouble for seeing these NUDE models! But this is nudity without raunchy. Oh, and if that is the site owner in the header graphic .. I need more of that in my life.

2.Running for a cause or just running to run? Either way, I want to run a 5k SOON! <—I used to practice running doing the mentioned formula. It really does help. I did it not because I was lazy, but because I get THE worst shin splints. Don’t know what a shin split is? See HERE

3. Resume Writing Tips from a cool chick persepctive. <<—- OH, and she used to work in HR so I kinda want to listen to what she’s saying. You should too!

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