Why Wednesday: Hide your Food!

I think as we sink deeper and deeper into the “recession” people just find more ways to get creative with their crimes and blame their stupidity on the “recession.”

Latest Act of WTF — Holding someone up with you MACHETE for some Tacos.. Really though? You just were walking down the street with a Machete and no one noticed???

But right.. where the hell were you at that 16 tacos cost you $41?  At Taco Bell 16 tacos is only cost you like $25 bucks. And like the crazed knife weilding criminal ran out of a building, stole your tacos, and drove away? Why wouldn’t he take the tacos back inside, because obviously he was hungry. The logic of some people will never be right to me. This is just bananas. Watch you back on your late night drive thru runs, I’m just saying!


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